Welcome to Rebecca Hong's Homework Assignment #2!

Below is the list of homework requirements
that must be fufiled for this Web Page assignment:

  1. Title (this is different than a heading) (100 points)
  2. Headings of two different sizes (ex. h1, h2, h3, etc.) (50 points each)
  3. Colored background (other than white) (100 points)
  4. "Mailto" link to your email address (100 points)
  5. Hyperlink to another website (must use a URL, not a file path) (100 points)
  6. Bld text and italic text (50 points each)
  7. Centered text (100 points)
  8. Horizontal line (aka "horizontal rule") (100 points)
  9. Ordered list (numbered list) and unordered list (bulleted list) (50 points each)
  10. Picture (100 points)
  11. Click HERE for the direct link to the Homework Assignment

Here's a list of my hobbies:

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