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This is Mafumafu's current Youtube avatar

Who is Mafumafu?

Mafumafu is a popular utaite who started out in December 2010. He is well-known for his soft, yet up-beat middle-high range voice even though he originally started out singing in a low, deep voice. His most popular cover to date is "Hated by Life Itself" which currently has over 50 million views. When he isn't singing, he mixes or produces music either for himself or for other utaites.

Mafumafu's Official Mascot
His official mascot is a white teru teru bouzu with a drooling face called Mafuteru.

Mafuteru says Hi~


  1. Solo Albums
  2. Collab Albums

Collab Partners

He often performs collabs with other utaites such as Soraru, Amatsuki, Aho no Sakata, Uratanuki, Akatin, un:c, and Luz. Most notable of these listed utaites is Soraru as he has formed an official unit with Mafumafu called After the Rain (or ATR for short) in April 2014.

Want to Spread the Love Together?

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FYI, for more information about Mafumafu, click here. Or if I managed to catch your interest, you can check out his YouTube page here!

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