Maui Wowi: Food, Agriculture and Outdoor Adventure

Spring Break 2016

Photos by: Andy, Ish, Lisa, and Rosie

Simpli-Fresh Produce Farm

  • Beautiful Farm! Supporting Farm-To-Plate Produce!
  • Whales were breaching in the ocean behind that hill.
  • Saw some GIGANTIC SPIDERS!!!
  • Helped plant dryland taro, peel loofa plants, and harvest tomatoes & lemongrass.
  • Great Hosts: James & Janell Simpliciano
  • More info. on Simpli-Fresh Farm
  • This was James' first crop of taro, planted about a year earlier. He peeled and mashed the taro on the wooden board with the mashing stone (pictured on the left) while adding water, creating the mushy Hawaiian staple food known as poi (pictured on the right). It's great as baby food!

    After a long days work, it's great to unwind with some cucumber/hummus wraps and spicy gingerade!

    Haleakala Sunrise

    Best How-to List of Catching the Perfect Crater Sunrise

    1. STEP 1: Set up camp at the base of the volcano in pitch darkness.
    2. STEP 2: Try to sleep through sub-zero feeling temperatures.
    3. STEP 3: Wake up at oh-dark-hundred in sub-zero feeling temperatures.
    4. STEP 4: Drive up to the near top of the crater and walk about 20 minutes in the dark over crumpling rocks, while being sleep-deprived and risk falling over into the crater.
    5. STEP 5: Get to the top of the crater, wrap a sleeping bag around you, and wait...
    6. STEP 6: Remain alert and attentive! Now, steps 1-5 are finally worth it because... THE VIEW IS BREATHTAKING!!!

    More info. on Haleakala Sunrise & Sunset

    Iao Valley Hike

  • The real fun begins after you walk past the "Do Not Pass" sign:)
  • Beautiful & Treacherous hike, filled with slippery rocks and low-hanging branches for your tripping and head-hitting pleasure.
  • (Picture on the right) Hawaiian peace offering of a rock wrapped in a tea leaf. Giving thanks to the land!
  • More info. on Iao Valley Hike
  • Kapahu Living Farm: Kipahulu 'Ohana

  • Preparing the land for another crop of wetland taro.
  • SUPER MUDDY!!! RIP to that white shirt, it didn't survive...
  • Luckily, after getting extremely muddy, we hiked to a nearby river to clean off and cool off!
  • Super sweet hosts: Uncle John & Auntie Tweetie
  • More info. on Kipahulu Farming & Kapahu Living Farm
  • Red Sand Beach

  • Scaling the side of a mountain for this view? WORTH IT!
  • You could see straight down to the ocean floor with this crystal clear water!
  • One drawback: Apparently, clothing was optional... awkward!
  • The water was SO refreshing!
  • More info. on Red Sand Beach
  • Kahanu Garden

    This is an ancient Hawaiian temple (pictured on the left). It sits near the heiau, a tall lava stone wall. The ground is sacred, so the rocks are not to be disturbed. Inside the structure, all of us decided to lie on the ground and have a silent moment, reflecting on the trip so far, daydreaming, trying to cool off with the cold rocks, taking selfies (pictured on the right) and just relaxing.

    More info. on Kahanu Garden & Pi'ilanihale Heiau

  • Man-made canopy structure, also at the Kahanu Garden.
  • The seats were actually pretty comfy & sturdy.
  • We should totally have one of these at UCSC!!!
  • Bamboo Forest

  • SO MUCH BAMBOO!!! Very invasive plant species.
  • Thanks to David and Dakota, I know bamboo stocks are strong enough to hold up a person.
  • After being covered for the hour long hike by the tons of bamboo, the view of the waterfall is amazing (pictured on the right)!
  • Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

    WAIANAPANAPA! Bet you can't say it ten times fast!!!:)

    Yet another beautiful beach! We got to camp right next to this view:) There were a bunch of small sea caves by the edge of the water, so of course we climbed up them to take in the view!

    More info. on Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

    This trip was an amazing experence! I got to eat foods I have never tried before, learn about the history of Hawaiian agriculture & farming practices, and appreciate all of the hardwork put into sustainable farming. The beaches and hikes were not too shabby either:) A shoutout to all of the gracious hosts that allowed us to work and learn on their farms: James Simpliciano (Simpli-Fresh), Gerry Ross (Kupa'a Farm, amazing coffee!), Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat Center, Uncle John & Auntie Tweetie (Kapahu Living Farm), and Ian Cole (Kahanu Garden).

    Also, a big mahalo to my tripmates and trip leaders who made this adventure memorable: Lisa, Sarah, Dakota, Liz, Ronan, Brandy, Jessica, Andy, Nelly, Ish, Mel, Dangerous Dave & Chief Tim:)


    Must-try foods in Maui

    1. cane juice
    2. poi
    3. taro
    4. breadfruit
    5. shave ice (obviously)
    6. McDonald's taro pies
    7. poke
    8. Ahi tacos from Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill
    9. pineapple habanero sauce
    10. EVERYTHING!!!

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