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I will introduce a idol from Hongkong, China.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer and dancer based in South Korea.

Solo appearances
  1. On 26 June 2017, JYP Entertainment announced the upcoming release of Jackson's first solo album in China, as well as the establishment of a dedicated management team named Team Wang for his activities in the country.
  2. His first single, an English track titled "Papillon", was released on 26 August. Jackson based his song off a character of a movie with the same title, Papillon. Jackson Wang - Papillon [MV]
  3. After establishing his own studio in China, Jackson began endorsing beverages, clothing brands and electronics, which include Pepsi,Snow Beer, VIVO X21, Adidas, Douyin Application, Lenovo in China, and Hogan in Hong Kong.
  4. Fendiman", a collaboration with Fendi China: upon its release on 25 May, the song topped the U.S iTunes Pop Chart and ranked second on the iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart.

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