Pamela Schleissner
Graduate Student
Email: pschleis[at]UC Santa Cruz[dot]edu




Effects of pH on the photophysics of conjugated polyelectrolyte complexes

Exciton Transfer and Emergent Excitonic States in
Oppositely-Charged Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complexes


Quantum Mechanics Fall 2018

Wk1 - Math Review

Wk2 - What is Light?

Wk3 - Schrödinger Eq., PIB, & Postulates Pt. 1

Wk4 - More on Hermitian Operators

Wk5 - Harmonic Oscillator & Vibrational Spectroscopy

Midterm Review

Wk6 - The Rigid Rotator & Rotational Spectroscopy

Wk7 - Hydrogen Atom

Wk8 - Magnetic Splitting & Spin-Orbit Coupling

Wk9 - Variational Method & Perturbation Theory

Wk10 - Some Topics in Chemical Bonding

Final Review

Quantum Mechanics Fall 2017

Midterm Review

Hydrogen Atom

Variational Methods and Perturbation Theory

Hartree-Fock Equations, Slater Determinants,
and Atomic Term Symbols

Experimental Inorganic Chemistry

Experiment 2: post black-out supplementary material



Small Group and Individual Tutoring