The Mighty Capybara.

What is the Capybara? More Info The world's largest rodent may also have the largest heart? This website was designed as both tribute and potential digital awareness resource to the world's friendliest animal: the mighty Capybara. Pictures of this Magestic Beast are not easily obtained so it is only after four years of research (and two forceful zoo expulsions to my name) that I am able to proudly present to you these pictures:

The Capybara is reknowned for its friendliness and is widely regarded the most friendly mammal. Due to this fact zoo keepers and various wildlife institutions have been known to add these creatures to various exhibits to destress the other animals and providej much needed socialization. These are just a few of the animals they have been known to get along with:
  1. Crocodiles.

  2. Monkeys (For monkey reference and invigorating primate trivia click here)

  3. As well as most other creatures

In a time of intense political adversity I find the possibilities of continued discussion and further propogation of the Capybara's cause to be of the utmost importance. If you are ever in the mood for an intensive and/or morally exhausting discussion of the Capybara and its message of peace (Or even if you just want to talk to me about your day with me) I am always available. Feel free to contact me at anytime here