Apartment 5405

These are all the amazing humans that live in apt. 5405

Here are some reasons why they are the coolest people and why you should befriend them:

    • They are all pretty.
    • They are the nicest people you will ever meet.
    • They live on the highest floor, so technically you can say they live above all.
    • They are HILARIOUS, basically it's like befriending a comedian.

    Here's how you can befriend us:

    1. Can say hi to us!
    2. You can follow us on out instagrams or twitter, click the link under our pictures!
    3. Smile and we smile back!
    4. Be nice and welcoming!

    Below you can find images of all the people that live in the apartment and links to their instagrams so you can follow them!

    Housemate #1 (aka me the cool one): Paloma
    Here is my instagram.
    Housemate #2 (the French one): Alix
    Here is her instagram.
    Housemate #3 (the horror film enthusiast): Manii
    Here is her instagram.
    Housemate #4 (the walking Pun, if you don't get this click her insta and check her name): Hailey
    Here is her instagram.
    Housemate #5 (she loves sopes): Clorissa
    Here is her twitter.
    Housemate #6 (has a amazing insta aesthetic): Nicole
    Here is her instagram.

    If you would like to contact me for further information please reach me via email here.