Virtual College 8

Virtual College Eight (EcollegE) was an immersive 3-D replica of the real College 8 at UCSC recreated in cyberspace, so anyone could go there any time. Just as does the real College 8, EcollegE has an environmental focus, and thus is interdisciplinary.    Because this work led to my getting heavily involved in James Burke's Knowledge Web, it has been discontinued.  Some reflections on it, and how I can be be involved in VR are here .  You can visit other educational VR spaces, including K-Web content, using the instructions below.

The Situation Room presented graphics such as maps and knowlege webs which will allow students to search for enviromental information on their home town, as well as other geographical areas, or on topics (e.g., global warming) and species (e.g., threatened animals and plants). They will then be directed on how they can contact others with similar concerns to do fieldwork, interact with hand-on simulations, create a multimedia display for the EcollegE science fair, write letters, or take other kinds of action.

In order to enter the Activeworlds educational "universe", you must have a PC (Pentium or better) and download the free Eduverse browser at: Step-by-step instructions here