Tagmemic Grid


















1.View the unit as an isolated,  static entity. 


What are its contrastive features that differentiate it from similar things and identify it?



4.View the unit as a specific variation of a concept or category. 


What is the range of variation?  How much can it change without becoming something else?



7. View the unit as part of a larger context. 


How is/should it be classified?  What position in a sequence?  In space/geography?

In a system of classes?








2. View the unit as a dynamic, changing project or event.


What physical features distinguish it from similar objects or events?  In particular, what is its nucleus or essence?



5.View the unit as a dynamic process. 


How is it changing?


8.View the unit as part of a larger dynamic context. 


How does it interact with and merge into its environment?  Are its borders clear-cut or indeterminate?








3.View the unit as an abstract multi-dimensional system.


How are its components organized in relation to one another (for example,  in class, temporal sequence,  space)?


6.  View the unit as a multi-dimensional physical system.


 How do particular instances of the system vary?


10. View the unit as an abstract system within a larger system.


What is its position in the larger system?  What systemic features (interactions?) and components make it part of the larger system?



From Rhetoric, Discovery and Change by Young,  Becker and Kenneth Pike