Accessing K-Web HQ and demo in Active Worlds Eduverse

1. Open your Internet browser to:

2. Click on "More about the AWEDU"

3. Click on "Download"

4. Click on " download AWEDU now" to download the free small (2MB) software necessary to enter the virtual world (you can read the minimum requirements to see if this program is able to operate on your computer, but if it's less than four years old, you're probably fine; essentially you need a Pentium or better PC, and 64 megs of ram. Activeworlds software is made to run with Internet Explorer, but you can run Netscape in a separate window, I think,with its current software. Mactonish computers will need some kind of PC emulation software like Virtual PC).

Optional: Shut down Internet Explorer if you're running it (Activeworlds will launch its own browser, and it sometimes (used to?) doesn't like it when there's two running at the same time). Open the Eduverse program to install it.

5. When you've launched the Eduverse program, a window will open on your screen where you will be prompted to enter your name (essentially this is the name that you will go by when in the virtual world; You are NOT being asked for a password) and email address. Click ok and you'll enter a greeting world called Centre.

6. The first time you log in, you may be offered the option (maybe a button top left?) called Advanced Mode, if so click on it. Then in the top left click on the blue folder (if you mouse the cursor over it, it will say tab controls), on the window that pops up click on a button named Worlds (essentially open worlds have colored icons, private or worlds still in development are greyed out).

7. Scroll down the list and click the Showcase . Once in world you can control your movement with the 4 separate arrow keys (not the ones on your number keys). The up arrow move you forward. Simultaneously hold down the shift key and arrow keys to walk faster, or to move through buildings and other "solid" structures. Click on the help menu and select User Guide for more info on how to use the interface.  (it's also on the Tab controls).

Most objects in the world have a function; put you cursor on the object to find out. Carry out the function by clicking on the object.

To get to K-Web HQ: use your right arrow to look at the Local Teleport pavillion (you'll be facing southwest ; F11 will show your position at top of screen).  You might need to use the up arrow to get closer to read.  Click on the K-Web sign (second from right).  Make a mental note to come back here to visit the other sites, especially Egyptian.

Use yor left arrow to see the sign pointed to K-web demo behind you.  As you go down the trail it will materialize (or see visibily setting below).  As you get closer, use your Plus key (on your number keypad on the right) to fly up so you can click on the green start sphere at the equator.  You can follow various paths (some will materialize as you go; remember to use the shift key in conjunction with up arrow to go through things), but be sure to click on the red sphere (popup when you mouseover will say Historical Virtual worlds) to visit some; Van Gogh world is great)

The long skinny box at the bottom allows for written dialogue to occur between various people in the world. The blue left-right arrows allow you to teleport back to any point you have teleported from. The left-right buttons over the right hand browser window (click on far right button if you don't have this window) are the forward-back buttons for the web browser.  Some worlds now have voice chat as well.


Optional: If you want to see further (i.e., find it disconcerting to have the rear of a room missing), click on options menu, then settings, and then up the visibility setting to 80-100 meters. Then click OK; you can ignore the rather scary looking warning, especially if your PC has a good deal of memory, by clicking OK again.

If you like, you can choose your avatar or virtual body from the avatar pulldown menu. Usually "tourist" avatars are limited to 2. Click on 3rd person icon, the movie projector at the top of the screen, to see your avatar).

Troubleshooting: if you can't more forward, hold down the shift key and use the up arrow. If that doesn't help, you may have clicked on a different window, and thus may not be able to move in the world: click on the center window and try again (often you'll see the arrow keys working in another window if you've selected one). If that doesn't help, reboot the program and/or the computer. Sometimes loading a very big file in the browser window causes the movement to be frozen till it finishes.

Occasionally you may teleport underneath the floor of a new room; use the shift key and plus key to fly up (or look for a sign that will teleport you up).

Feel free to email for assistance. The software has a help menu; click on the yellow question mark on the left of the screen. Help is also available at