Welcome to Paul Anderson's Page Pertaining to CMPE03

  • See bottom of page for link to assignment 2.
  • I attend UCSC as an Astrophysics major and am a research assistant at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP).

  • This is one of my machines, AutoPACK.
  • Notice this is italicized and bold
  • Here I've added a different color
  • Here's a little history behind my machine:
    1. I implemented the project in 2011.
    2. It is my own design and I'd like to patent it when fully operational.
    3. It's purpose is to automate the packaging of paper bags.
    4. The bags in this photo are an AMPM Hamburger bag.
    My next goals are to: HI THERE! Check out my Java Script page assignment 3: here

    You can view my linkedin profile: here

    You can email me at Paul Anderson

  • Please make note I added this website to the UCSC directory of individual websites for extra credit