Welcome to my Webpage for CMPE 3 Personal Computers!

This page features the most attractive cat in the world, so enjoy.

This is my cat.

Her name is June and she turned 2 in January! She kind of looks like a cow, or a Dalmatian, but she's really just a cat.

  1. She was rescued last June from a local PetSmart Charity.
  2. She was a pregnant spay, so she still has a baby bump belly.
  3. I love her more than anything, and would have adopted all her babies if I could.

  • She's about 10 pounds.
  • She loves getting her teeth brushed.
  • She doesn't like to go to the vet.

Find your best friend today! Click here to find your local PetSmart charity Please (don't) email me! HI THERE!

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