Pun-der me this:

What's life without a good joke?

Let's get to the punch line. Here are some good puns for you to use:

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Here are some punny pick-up lines for you to try:

  1. Hey girl, are you DNA helicase? Because I would let you unzip my genes.
  2. Hey girl, do you work in IT? Because I've been looking for the one and I think you're IT.
  3. Hey girl, do you think I'm a lamp? Because you turn me on.
  4. Hey girl, did you run over an animal on the way here? Because you're roadkillin' it with that outfit.
  5. Hey grill, it must be a coincidence because my name is George Foreman.
  6. Hey girl, my name is Microsoft Windows. Can I crash at your place tonight?

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