Peter Alvaro

Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of California, Santa Cruz

Office: E2-353
Email: palvaro at ucsc
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My research interests lie at the intersection of databases, distributed systems and programming languages: in particular, I want to know how the lessons from the first may be incorporated into the third, and to what degree this mitigates the difficulties of the second.

Social Media

I have disabled my twitter account. I am not interested in being a character in some racist plutocrat's idea of a ``town square.'' I dearly hope that this will all blow over, since (as you know) I love social media.


Prospective Students

If you are a UCSC undergraduate or Masters student interested in collaborating, please send me an email describing your research interests.

PhD admission decisions are made by committee. However, if you are a PhD applicant and are interested in working on one of the projects above, make sure to mention it in your statement of purpose.


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Current Status

Life is beautiful. I will do my best to upload a new photo every time I go down the coast.