How's it going everyone, my name is Oscar and this is my new website. Killer right, I know. Contact me here.


My little website is going to be about the two past times I have on the web. The first being a YouTube channel I've recently been following, the second would be John Mayer and his new album!

John Mayer's new album is called The Search For Everything. You are able to see the cover art down below! (p.s. this is also centered text!)

Wave One Album Cover

The YouTuber that I have followed is an awesome dude by the name of Casey Neistat. He is a vlogger living in New York City and talks just about everything. I always had a thing against vloggers but something about Casey's personality really changed my mindset on the matter. Thus, I encourage y'all to check out Casey Neistat here.

Here are the three artists that I am currently in love with.

  1. John Mayer
  2. Ben Howard
  3. The Tallest Man On Earth
And here are three things that I enjoy doing in no particular order.