Keeping up with Coloso!

Biography         Hi There!

I was born in March of 2012. I am very extroverted, so I am always the life of the party. Although, I am very popular, I do not let it get to my head. I always stop and sniff a butt, because that's just how I was raised. I like meeting new friends. Although, I am very friendly, I do not tolerate any bullying. I have two best friends: Fabian, who is much older than me, but is still very young at heart, stands tall at 10 inches and Pancha, who is my main bitch, is very classy yet very fun and outgoing.

Favorite Activities

Favorite Artists

  1. Vicente Fernandez
  2. Bruno Mars
  3. Shakira
  4. Kid Cudi
  5. El J.R.

 photo 1381215_565602670161798_1275234470_n_zpsecad9c50.jpg

-"I can't see the Haters though!"

 photo 1780720_756553291066734_53476429413338839_n_zpse379806f.jpg

-"Where we goin'?"

 photo 10410394_755591731162890_4417890055279320952_n_zpsbfe9913e.jpg

-"Where da bitches at?"

 photo 1408146428468_zpsd1b2b273.jpg

-Coloso and friends

dancing dogs photo: Dancing Dogs 2012s_most_bizarre_gifs_01.gif

-When the bitches be flocking


Fan comments:

       "I love Coloso so much! He is the most friendliest dog I have ever met"


       "He's so FLUFFY"


       "When Coloso be walkin' all the bitches flockin'"


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