Novejot Singh

About Me

Who is Novejot?


Here are some interesting facts about mi vida loca:

  1. The craziest thing that I have ever done was skydive (13,500 ft.)
  2. I am traveling to Guatemala this summer to volunteer in a medical program
  3. I have never traveled out of the country
  4. I love science and medicine
  5. I am a huge Golden State Warriors fan. #dubnation
  6. I love nature and being outdoors
  7. I am a "foodie"
  8. I am currently learning how to rock climb (well starting in the climbing gym)
  9. I am from they bay where we hyphy and go dumb
  10. Dogs are my favorite furry friends
  11. Blueberries are my favorite fruit
  12. I love love love music

Places I want to travel:

If you like science, check out UCSC's Genome Browser

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