University of California, Santa Cruz

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements. For the degree of Bachelors in Science in Applied Physics

By: Nick McCabe

Here is a numbered list of things to do to get started on your thesis:
  1. Four-year students should find a thesis advisor by the end of the spring term of their junior year. Transfer students should do so by the beginning of their final year. If you have difficulty in finding a thesis advisor, contact the instructor of Physics 182 in the quarter you plan to take the course, the Faculty Undergraduate Advisor, or the department chair.
  2. you should enroll in Physics 182 in the fall or winter term of your senior year. If you do not have a one-page synopsis of what you plan to do for your thesis project, endorsed by your thesis advisor, by the end of the term, you will fail the course.
  3. You should start writing your senior thesis no later than the beginning of your final quarter, even if your research work is not complete. The actual writing (including the thesis introduction) takes more time than you think; it is easier to make additions to the thesis when your research work is complete than to write everything at the end.
Here is list of things to do do after writing your thesis:

To get to UC Santa Cruz’s page about the senior thesis, click here. For any questions or inquiries, send me an email here.