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So, I love cats and I think they're awesome, but why should you care about cats? Here's a few reasons...
  1. Cats are adorable!
  2. They're playful, but not overly high energy
  3. Their independence makes them an easy pet to care for
  4. Petting a sleeping cat is extremely relaxing and theraputic
  5. If you take good care of them, you'll have a loving companion for 15+ years

Cats are loved by many, including celebrities! Here are a few famous cat aficionados:

The list is much longer than that, but we would be here for days trying to name them all!

If you're curious about my personal experience with cats, my family has had four of them in the time that I've been alive. Their names are:

Unfortunately, only Oscar is with us now. But, the other three had very long and fulfilling lives.
Oscar is an orange and white tabby who we got from our neighbors. For some reason, he chose to spend more time at our house than theirs, so we adopted him.
Occasionally, he'll visit his old home and hang out with their three other cats.

This is a photo of Oscar around Christmas.

Oscar's hobbies include:

While I have always loved cats, the internet's fixation with them has allowed my interest to blossom over the years.

My first obsession with a cat on the internet happened many years ago when I found a viral video of a guy singing about his cat.
Not only did I fall in love with Sparta, but because of him, SMPFilms became the first YouTube account that I watched and followed religiously.
That video was posted in 2007, when I was only 9 years old (though I saw it when I was maybe 10 or 11). Despite its age, I'm happy to report that I still know all the words to the song.

My current favorite internet cat is Lil Bub. Bub is a special needs cat who was taken in by caring owners, and is now famous for her unique looks.
I love watching her YouTube videos, like this one.
In addition to being adorable, Bub uses her fame to advocate for animal rights. In fact, the ASPCA set up Lil BUB's BIG Fund, a fund created specifically for helping pets with special needs.
If you want to learn more about Lil Bub's condition, or her ASPCA fund, you can visit her website.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about cats! I'll leave you with another picture of Oscar, this time laying on some shoes...

If you want to talk about cats with me, shoot me an email.

This page is dedicated to my aunt's cat, Chloe, who sadly passed away on 1/26/2016.