The Best Beatles Album Of All Time

Why Abbey Road is my favorite album ever.


    Reasons why this is my favorite album:

  1. George Harrison's Contribution: Harrison delivered some of his best work on Abbey Road. Both "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun" showed the world that he was capable of writing a beautiful masterpiece.
  2. Side Two: Abbey Road contains the most unique half album of the Beatles' catalog. Side Two contains a 16-minute medley of eight short songs that showcases beautiful songwriting, amazing guitar work and the only Beatles' drum solo performed by Ringo Starr.
  3. Prog Rock Elements: The Beatles were not a prog rock band, but they recorded a few tracks that are now considered the best of the genre. Once again, they demonstrated that they could write any kind of music they set their minds to.
  4. One Last Showcase of Brothership: As the Beatles recorded Abbey Road, there was a sense that this might be there last album. The four had been through so much over the years, but they came into the studio willing to put their differences aside and give their final goodbye to the world. The final song on the album, 'The End', contains their final show of brotherhood: a live three-guitar attack recorded in one take, with Paul, George and John each taking two bars.
  5. That Final Line...: "And in the end/the love you take is equal to the love you make." 'Nuff said.

    Some more facts about this album: