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the ultimate roommate

Adelaida Marie Lopez
and her favorites:
  • color: double rainbow (sometimes mauve)
  • band: Hoobastank, Bubba Sparxx
  • person: herself
  • movie: Space Jam
  • nickname: Adawall-e

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Adelaida Calls Her Mom (01/23/2013)
  1. "Oh my god, you better not let her sit on him!"

  2. "He called her a slut?"

  3. "He doesn't even know what a slut is."

  4. "You taught him what a slut is!?"

  5. "Gramma calls Guppy, Cup of Noodles?"

  6. "Oh my god, gramma knows english, stop talking."

  7. "Is he -- did he order me the luggage?"

  8. "What?"

  9. "What?"

  10. "Are you kidding me, mom? That's a joke."