My Academic Journey

Colleges I have visited:

While I was attending high school my school gave me the aportunity to visit colleges all around the United States,I will list the California colleges I have attended in my four years;

(click on "UC's" or "CSU's to go find out more about univeristies around your area)



  1. CSU Bakersfield
  2. CSU Chico
  3. CSU Dominguez Hills
  4. CSU East Bay
  5. CSU Fresno
  6. CSU Fullerton
  7. CSU Long Beach
  8. CSU Los Angeles
  9. CSU Monterey Bay
  10. CSU Northridge
  11. San Diego State University
  12. San Jose State University
  13. Sonoma State University

This is the lovely university I havve decided to attend as an undergraduate

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