Upcoming Publications

Akhtar, N., & Martinez-Sussmann, C. (in press). Intentional communication. In C.A. Brownell & C.B. Kopp (Eds.), Transitions in early socioemotional development: The toddler years. New York: Guilford.

Akhtar, N., & Herold, K. (in press). Communicative development. In M. Haith & J. Benson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of infant and early childhood development. London: Elsevier.

Hohenstein, J., & Akhtar, N. (in press). Two-year-oldsŐ productivity with verbal inflections. Journal of Child Language.

Recent Publications

Akhtar, N., & Gernsbacher, M.A. (2007). Joint attention and early vocabulary: A critical look. Language & Linguistics Compass, 1, 195-207.

Floor, P., & Akhtar, N. (2006). Can 18-month-old infants learn words by listening in on conversations? Infancy, 9, 327-339.

Akhtar, N. (2005a). The robustness of learning through overhearing. Developmental Science, 8, 199-209.

Akhtar, N. (2005b). Is joint attention necessary for early word learning? In C. Tamis-LeMonda & B. D. Homer (Eds.), The development of social cognition and communication. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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