A shot of vinegar. A web site.
A new book to read at night. Three episodes of Star Trek.

An appreciater of aesthetics, a ardent believer my dogs will never die.

An new shirt at mornings. Mirrors dancing, the tast of mint,
two coffees, a brown probe (and a song to feel tight)

Books have a lot to offer you

Learn some words. Open a book. I'm serious. Books have a huge fucking lot to offer you. Go until you see themes everywhere. Go until you believe there's nothing new under the sun because you've seen the groundwork in the pages. Come up for air, and go until you make something new.

Borrow traits from introverts

I am 18, an "ENFP," someone who hypothetically wants to spend every minute with others and is even energized by them. But substantive things that make me truly happy are not reliably them. Not now, not yet, and I don't think I want them to be (now or yet). Youth is a time to serve yourself; soak it up!--because your kids will need something to leech on later.