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My email if you have any questions, GitHub, more detailed information about me, and soon a projects page with my current undertakings can be found at the bottom of this page!

About me:
  1. I am a currently pursuing a Computer Science Bachelor's of Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz with an Astrophysics minor.
  2. I've had a life-long obsession with flight, space, computers, and physics. Technology, aircraft, spacecraft, physics, and software are entangled the future of our advances as a species. Additionally, physicists and computer scientists have vastly different techniques for solving problems, and I feel knowledge of multiple approaches to solve real-world problems is extremely useful and fulfilling!
  3. Software is very akin to magic. With a short incantation, your spells spring to life and change the world around you! Sometimes this is primarily on a computer screen, but software is everywhere, in your car, the airplanes you've flown on, the rockets that we’ve used to go into space, even your coffee maker! This type of software interest me the most, and is known as Embedded Software.
  4. I am currently devising a few new projects to put the knowledge I'm learning in school to use. I have several good candidates at the moment, (but for the time being my studies take priority) check back for updates on project developments!

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Image credit - NASA
Nasa Goddard experimental rocket launch