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Matt Wagers

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Below are links to small research reports, older web sites I'd like to preserve, and other ephemera.

Class experiments

Head-internal Relative Clauses in English: Evidence from NPI Licensing, LING280 Class poster by Kate Ballou, Karl DeVries, Karen Duek, Nick Kalivoda, Brianna Kaufman, Adam Morgan and Erik Zyman. Winter 2013.


Resumptive pronouns and the not-quite-verbatim memory of Twitter users
October 2012, A study of Twitter users' reports of a zinger from President Obama in the 3rd Presidential Debate of 2012. It analyzes how a resumptive pronoun was remembered by users.
An (impromptu) test of verbatim memory
September 2011, From my Stevenson Winter Faculty lecture

Teaching and research

Spring Psycholinguistics Symposium
Spring 2013, Research presentations from undergraduate and graduate psycholinguistics
Older pages describing research (circa 2009-2010)
Focus of attentionAgreementWh-Movement