Linguistics at Santa Cruz

March 18, 2017 — Humanities I, Room 210 – UC Santa Cruz


8:30 Light Breakfast
9:35 Welcome
Jim McCloskey

Session 1
Chair: Maho Morimoto
9:45 Margaret Kroll Is working memory sensitive to at-issueness? Experimental evidence from at-issue appositives pdf
10:15 Tom Roberts The semantics of responsive predicates and their complements in Estonian pdf
10:45 Break

Session 2
Chair: Jenny Bellik
11:00 Steven Foley The role of split ergativity in Georgian relative clause processing pdf
11:30 Jake Vincent Phonological lowering in Chamorro circumnominal relative clauses pdf


12:00 Lunch is served in Humanities II, Room 259.

Session 3
Chair: Deniz Rudin
13:00 Hitomi Hirayama Expressing ignorance in Japanese: contrastive wa vs. at least pdf
13:30 Lauren McGarry Pragmatic conditions on non-polar responses pdf
14:00 Break

Session 4
Chair: Jason Ostrove
14:15 Kelsey Sasaki Predicate initiality in Hawai’i Creole pdf
14:45 Jed Pizarro-Guevara An auditory masked priming study of nasal substitution in Dabaw Bisaya (Cebuano) pdf
15:15 Coffee & Snack Break

Distinguished Alumnus Address

Chair: Kelsey Kraus
15:30 Introduction
Donka Farkas
15:35 Kyle Rawlins
Johns Hopkins University
Unary ‘or’ pdf
17:00 Closing Remarks
Matt Wagers, Graduate Director

Dinner & Celebration

The LASC Dinner and Celebration will be held at the Cowell Provost House from 5:45pm to 8pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm. The Cowell Provost House is a pleasant walk from Humanities or Stevenson College, and any local will gladly show you the way.

Monterey Bay vista from Cowell College
Santa Cruz, from Stevenson College Provost's House
Path from McHenry Library to Hahn Student Services (1966 Cowell College Yearbook, by Eric Thiermann)