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Matt Wagers

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Psycholinguistics and Linguistic Theory 1 (LING157, LING257)
Undergraduate: Fall 2016, Fall 2014, Winter 2014, Winter 2013
Graduate: Spring 2015, Fall 2013, Fall 2011
Joint: Fall 2010, Fall 2009
Psycholinguistics and Linguistic Theory 2 (LING158, LING258)
Undergraduate: Spring 2015 (Special topic: Wh-movement & memory), Spring 2013 (Special topic: Ellipsis)
Graduate: Spring 2016, Winter 2014
Joint: Spring 2010
Psycholinguistics Seminar offerings (LING279)
Slower Psycholinguistics (Fall 2016) (verbatim memory, signal detection theory)
Memory (Spring 2012)
experimental syntax
Syntax Seminar offerings (LING229)
Gradience and Island Phenomena (with Jim McCloskey):
Winter 2010, Fall 2014 (as LING280 Proseminar)
Syntax Proseminar in Experimental methods
Fall 2014 (joint with LING229), Winter 2013, Spring 2011
research seminar
LING290 Winter 2017
Syntactic Structures (LING111)
Spring, 2011
Syntax I (LING112)
Winter, 2012 (with Sandra Chung)
linguistics and cognitive science interface courses
Language and Mind (LING80D)
Spring 2016, Winter 2015
Language and Cognition (LING155)
Spring 2014
NB: LING80D and LING155 cover similar subject matter, but LING80D is for generalists/non-majors while LING155 is intended for advanced Linguistics undergraduates