Look at me, I'm the captain now...and I say, your happiness comes first

Things you can do to release that oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins:

  1. Always eat what you're craving
  2. Watch funny videos on any social media platform
  3. Drive to the beach to watch the sunset
  4. Tell strangers they have "up dog" on their shirt and wait for it
  5. Take that nap, don't worry, no one's judging
  6. Say "thank u, next" to whatever inconvenience comes your way, this seems to generate lots of confidence in females
  7. Text your mom dude.....she misses you
  8. That last pacific company cookie in the dh? Swipe it and RUN

What NOT to do (guaranteed these will just make you upset instead ;-( ):