A Form of Nostalgia--Maserati

Italian lineage

The elegance, design, movement and performance of brilliant centuries.

Brand creation

Naserati, a Italy luxury car manufacturer, was founded in Bologna, and the company's headquarters is located in Modena (Modena), and the brand is a trident. In 1993, Fiat S.p.A. bought Martha Lahti to keep the brand.Martha Lahti was once a part of Ferrari, and now owns direct possession of Fiat Chrysler. Now, Martha Lahti's brand new sedan chair series is the embodiment of the technology of Italy's top coupe. It is also the perfect combination of the design aesthetics of Italy and the design thinking of the high quality craftsmen.

Four models in all

Quattroporte Ghibli GranTurismo Levante.

Here are a few things about GT:

The advantages

  1. The exhaust is the biggest selling point of the car
  2. The sign of the car - the Trident has a strong appeal
  3. Long distance won't feel tired

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