Welcome to my Webpage!

A little about myself: I am a fourth year Biomolecular Engineering major, and I am the first engineer in my family!

This alpaca did not appreciate having his picture taken.

About my healthcare internship in La Paz, Bolivia:

  1. I chose to do an internship in Bolivia because I wanted to gain clinical experience in healthcare since I was interested but unsure if I wanted a future in healthcare. I also wanted to push myself beyond my comfort levels by being in a foreign country of which I am not fluent in the language and without knowing anyone.
  2. I studied Bolivian healthcare and interned at various hospitals in different departments such as neurology and surgery during Summer of 2015. I found the program at UC Davis Internship Programs
  3. It was terrifying at first because I did not know anyone on the trip, I was far from fluent in Spanish, and I had never been away from home for that long.
  4. I attended lectures every week on Bolivian healthcare, Bolivian culture, hospital procedures, as well as Spanish classes.
  5. My homestay family was so welcoming and the sweetest family I could have asked for.
  6. I received valuable clinical experience and first-hand training in the hospitals - from administering vaccinations to local school teachers to observing surgeries while the surgeons walk you through their procedures.
  7. During free time after hospital shifts and lectures, my friends and I explored the city by walking around, doing activities with our homestay family, learning how to cook authentic Bolivian cuisine from a Bolivian chef, biking the infamous Death Road, etc.
  8. I faced my fear of heights by parasailing. Kind of. I am still terrified of heights.
  9. This was a incredible experience that I will never forget and recommend to everyone.
  10. I knew after this trip that my future would definitely be in healthcare.

If you have questions about studying abroad, my experiences in Bolivia, or you just want to say hello, you may email me at here.