Welcome my name is Marco Rodriguez

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Highlights from my academic/professional career:
  1. Learned OpenACC at Nvidia's GPU bootcamp.
  2. Hackathon participant.
  3. Autonomous vehicle built with an arduino.
  4. Recipient of three scholarships[STEM Scholarship, STEM Transfer Scholarship, Brentwood Math Scholarship]
  5. My moto "Learning experience over grades"

Things that I'm known for:
  1. Longboarding
  2. Playing the flute.
  3. Investing on robinhood (most convienent on mobile) Get a free stock.

  4. Im a HUGE legend of zelda fan
  5. Now a days on my free time I like to:

Marco Rodriguez



Computer Science- undergrad

  • This is the link to go to Assignment 3. Go to Assignment 3.