About Me

  • Full Name:Mohammed T Rajhi
  • Phone:+14243938432
  • Email:mrajhi@ucsc.edu

Hello There!

My name is Mohammed Rajhi, I am an international and Ph.D. Student in Collage of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My Education

My bachelor's degree was from Jazan University in Computer Science. I have completed my master's degree from Kentucky State University in Computer Science.

Interest and Researches

1) My thesis was emotional recognition using facial expression by emoji in eeal eime : it investigates emotional recognition using facial expression by emoji in real time. see here

2) I published research about the secure website from a network attack. This paper analyses the condition of current security websites from network attacks and proposes a model that can help to improve security websites. see here

3) I published research about Survey Techniques in Digital Signature. In this paper, the makers have made a comprehensive audit of the industry-standard digital signature schemes to get the perfect security level for the electronic instruments and have explored its imaginable applications in various spaces. see here

4) I am very interested in computer networks and network security. Becoming a computer networking and security specialist can assist you in becoming a positive influence in many various industries and boost my problem-solving and research skills.