About Me

  • Full Name:Mohammed T Rajhi
  • Phone:+14243938432
  • Email:mrajhi@ucsc.edu

Hello There!

My name is Mohammed Rajhi. I am an international Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My Education

My bachelor's degree was from Jazan University in Computer Science. I have completed my master's degree from Kentucky State University in Computer Science.

Interest and Researches

1) My thesis was emotional recognition using facial expression by emoji in real eime : it investigates emotional recognition using facial expression by emoji in real time. Read File

2) I published research about Secure Website from Network Attack. This paper analyses the condition of current security websites from network attacks and proposes a model that can help to improve security websites. See Here

3) I published research about Survey Techniques in Digital Signature. In this paper, the makers have made a comprehensive audit of the industry-standard digital signature schemes to get the perfect security level for the electronic instruments and have explored its imaginable applications in various spaces. In case you want to read it, it is available here . If you want to download it, it will be avalible here. See Here

4) I am very interested in computer networks and network security. Becoming a computer networking and security specialist can assist you in becoming a positive influence in many various industries and boost my problem-solving and research skills.