A Girl and Her Pit Bull

Endless Love for a Best Friend

"We Always Smile No Matter What <3."

This is Tango, I have been trying to help him find a loving home. He and I love computer science, it is our favourite class this quarter. I know how much he wishes he had opposable thumbs because when he sees me doing my computer science homework, I could just tell it kills him not to be able to help me process. Sometimes when we are going through the lecture slides Nathan posts, we get mad because Nathan never posts the answers to the I-clicker questions. This leads Tango and I to stay up all night trying to re-do the class examples. Oh well. And yes his name is Tango and it may be embarrassing, but he doesn't know it. Shh.

  1. He loves to go running both at the dog park and the treadmill. (no lie, he can run at speed 6.2 for an hour!)
  2. He will kiss anyone that gives him people food.
  3. His left leg always twitches and can kick you if you rub his belly
Misconceptions about Pit bulls (The More You Know)
  • They are vicious; false because some are trained to be vicious
  • They are not obedient; false because Pit Bulls are one of the easiest breeds to train

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