Tea Time.

Welcome to CMPE 3: Personal Computers Concepts Spring 2015

On this page, you'll learn about different types of tea and when it's best to drink a certain kind of tea.


When people refer to tea, they are usually talking about the main kinds of tea, which are:

  1. Organic Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. White Tea
  4. Oolong Tea
  5. Pu-erh Tea

      The common link between these five teas is that they are each made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

      You can find more information about the Camellia Sinensis plant here.

      There are over 3,000 variaties of tea. For more on each tea, click here.

      When to drink specific kinds of tea (some, not all):

      • Lavender Tea: If you're feeling stressed.
      • Green Tea: If you're feeling tired or trying to lose weight (helps with slow metabolism).
      • Ginger Tea: If you're feeling nauseous.
      • Chamomile Tea: If you want to go to sleep.
      • Black Tea: If you want to be alert or want an antioxidant boost.
      • Peppermint Tea: If you have a stomach ache or if you're feeling sore or bloated.
      • White Tea: If you want to prevent cancer.

        If you would like to know more specific things about tea, email me at my email.