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Grad Students

Peter Cook is a sixth year graduate student.
Research Interests: Neural substrates of long-term and working memory, structural and functional neuroimaging, and rhythm cognition. Particularly focused on comparative work and research with non-human animals, including low-impact, ecologically valid models for studying brain and behavior. Currently working part-time at the Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Lab at Long Marine Lab. Personal website:
Akalka Barath is a third year graduate student. She is interested in embodied cognition as it applies to working memory and perception, with an interest in how the perceptual system is shaped by individual cognition. akalka


Research Assistants

Lab Team, Fall 2012
Alix Foster, Sammy Walters, Arjun Dharma, Katarina Yngente



Marcus Perlman is a recent PhD from the UCSC program in Cognitive Psychology (primary advisor Ray Gibbs). His research examines the gestural and vocal communication of the great apes including humans, with an emphasis on the role of iconicity in the evolution, development, and online use of language. While a graduate student, he conducted a project in the Wilson lab on phonological symbolism.
Sabine Blaesi is a seventh year graduate student. While in the Wilson lab she studied the effects of one's own body posture on perceiving and judging the body postures of others. She is now working in Bruce Bridgeman's lab.
Jessy Lancaster completed four years of the PhD program at UCSC and is now working for union workers rights for graduate students of the University of California. While working in the Wilson lab she studied representational momentum for sign language, and interpersonal coordination. jessy
Andrea Frick, Dr. phil., University of Zurich, Switzerland
Post-doc at UCSC Jan. 07 - May 08
Dr. Frick is now a post-doc in the Department of Psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia. Research interests: Cognitive Development: children and adults' intuitive knowledge and representations of physical events; embodied cognition; spatial thinking; mental transformations; dynamic mental imagery.


Kristy Lindemann, Ph.D., UCSC, 2007
Dr. Lindemann is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. Her interests are in marine mammal cognition.

Glenn Fox, a former RA in the Wilson lab, is now a graduate student at the University of Southern California, working with Antonio and Hanna Damasio in the Brain and Creativity Institute on projects ranging from the neural substrates of social group membership, to the long term brain correlates of frontal lobotomy.



Fall 2011 Lab Team

Lab Team, Winter '11
Katarina Yngente, Mona Zhao, Vienna WoodDavid Hirayama, Pierre Pauly

Lab Spring 09

Lab Team, Fall 09
Mary Dunleavy, Danielle Brown

Lab Spring 09

Lab Team, Spring 09
Greg Lambert, Mary Dunleavy, Johnson Sun, Elizabeth Lyman, Jessica Sanchez, Toby Endo, Alyson Baker

Lab Spring 07

Lab Team, Fall 07
Danielle Odom, Erin Buonocore, Christopher Martinez

Lab Spring 07

Lab Team, Spring 07
Sondra Bitonti, Matthew Davidson, Danielle Odom, Martyna Citkowicz, Christian Aeschliman

Lab Winter 07

Lab Team, Winter 07
Daniel Leavitt, Matthew Davidson, Stefan Mangold, Sondra Bitonti, Martyna Citkowicz

Lab Fall 07

Lab Team, Fall 06
Top row: Jessy Lancaster, Kristy Lindemann, Christian Aeschliman, Sabine Blaesi
Bottom row: Daniel Leavitt, Golnaz Esfahani, Desiree Atkins, Brett Vollmer


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