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My name is McKinsey Bishop and I am currently a junior at UCSC, but I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have always been interested in the sciences which is why I chose to be a Biology major and am currently pursuing a career in the medical field. My main concentration is in biology, but since my time at this university I have taken up other interests in history, literature and in art history. I really like art history and learning about artwork from the past and how it has affected art from the modern day. Reading the description grabbed my attention because understanding the correlation between race and media is something that I’ve wanted to learn more about and I thought it would be a good experience to take this course.

My avatar is meant to be a representation of me that only resembles what I look like. I wanted it to be different than the original facebook profile picture that is at the left hand side. I am trying to get away from the social networking sites.

My home away from home

I live at Cowell College at UCSC which is on the east side of campus. It faces the Santa Cruz bay and has a beautiful landscape. I have lived there for three years and have fully enjoyed my experience living there.

Cowell College

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