Why Norcal is Better Than Socal

Based on complete facts and absolutely no bias

For reference, this is a map of California

Some people consider the middle part of California Norcal and some consider it Socal. For simplicity and because not a lot of stuff happens there anyways you can consider it any part of California that you want.

Anyways, here are just a few reasons why Norcal is better than Socal:

  1. A more diverse climate.
  2. Technology
  3. "Hella"
  4. Nature
  5. Sacramento

Alright I know that this list is not extensive and there are so many other reasons why Norcal is better than Socal but if you want to check out a scholarly article on this topic, click here for a Buzzfeed article.

And if you have any disagreements or counterarguments, I won't read them but you can send them here: mikiwong@ucsc.edu