How To Easily Win in a Casino

The Number one cardinal rule in a casino essential to any successfull gangsta life is too always bring more money than you can afford to loose. You need an all in or nothing attitude else you will never make money.

Step Two

Follow this simple list of things to accomplish before venturing on your amazing economic way up!

Step 3

Once you to the locations in casinos, follow these simple rules for assured sucess.

  1. Alway take the free drink, always!
  2. Only play roulette with singular number bet.
  3. If you do play poker against someone, always wear brightly reflective sunglasses.

And there you have it, your succesful casino career is layed out right in front of you. I do not wish you good luck, since it's all about talent! For more information, you can go to my friends website or email me!

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