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Steph is interested in diet and trophic position of extinct marine invertebrates. She is designing projects to investigate the relationship between environmental change, ecological interactions, and trophic position.

Dan is applying stable isotope sclerochronology to reconstruct bivalve physiology. Projects include testing for photosymbiosis in the Jurassic bivalve Lithiotis and conservation paleobiology (growth, longevity, and symbiosis) of Pleistocene, Holocene, and Recent giant clams.


I will be looking for a new PhD student to begin in September 2019. Applications will be due in early January, so please contact me (at if you are considering applying. I work closely with students to design projects that excite them, rather than assigning topics, so I look forward to discussing research ideas with you!

I'm looking for motivated and passionate students who are interested in developing innovative methods of assessing physiological and ecological traits in extinct taxa and testing their importance during ancient global change events. My admission decisions are strongly influenced by evidence for creativity, resilience, scientific curiosity, and other important characteristics, for example from letters of recommendation, prior research experience, and applicants' personal statements. I strongly support students from diverse backgrounds and I don't consider the prestige of your undergraduate institution when I am recruiting students. I prefer students with broad coursework experience and some prior research, but I also take into account the opportunities available and other commitments (work, family) in those assessments. Our department requires GRE scores (for now; I'm working to change this) but I place almost no weight in them for my own admission decisions.


Graduate Students

Marko Manojlovic (MS 2017)

Priscilla Vázquez (MS 2014)

Jered Karr (MS 2013)

Kira Badyrka (MS 2012)

Undergraduate Students

Kristina Okamoto (2014-2018; currently PhD student at Columbia)

Ryan Thomas (2017-2018)

Andrew Kruger (2015-2016)

Matt Testo (2015-2016)

Afghana Khan (2012-2013)

Anthony Bai (2010-2011)

Kathryn Kynett (2009-2010; MS from SF State)

Nathan Unangst (2009-2010; MS from UC Davis)