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My Friends

My Name is Maria Cristina Bejarano and these are my Girls

About US

Here's a picture of my best friends from high school. Their names are Melanie, Monica, Stephanie, Jessica and Veronica. I'm the one with the bright blue bikini on the far right :)
We spent all of out time together

 photo IMG_0757.jpg
  • We, and everyone else who knew us called our group "the herd".
  • We took pictures everywhere we went. There are pictures just like this one for when we would go to amusement parks, the theaters, camping, the mall, in school since jr. high, but by far the beach has always been our favorite place.
  • Being southern Californian raised girls we just couldn't shake our desire to visit the gorgeous sunny beaches. We had many fun adventures there.
    1. We love to laugh.
    2. We love to have sleepovers and gossip.
    3. We LOVE food. Like seriously we can eat!
    4. And last but not least we love each other.
    5. I am currently not home in the San Fernado valley anymore :(. I really miss my girls, except for Steph who moved up north with me to continue our studies at the University of California Santa Cruz.

      I am currently taking a computer class this quarter and my teacher assigned us to make our own web page. The class is very interesting. here is a link to the syllabus for his class and the list of assignments that I will be completing throughout the course.

      CMPE3 Syllabus
      I look forward to seeing them next month when they come visit me and Steph in Santa Cruz. If you want to get to know me and the girls a little more here's the link to our personal e-mail. Send me an email!

      With Love from the girls of THE HERD <3 BYE ;)