About my name

My first name, spelled 真帆 in Japanese, is pronounced [ˈmɑhoʊ] in English. My last name is spelled 守本 rather than 森本 (which is much more common).


I grew up in Tokyo, Japan, spending some time in Evanston, Illinois (5 months), Chiba (3 years), Paris (3 years) and Victoria, Canada (3 months).

My home in Tokyo is located in Mitaka. Among the many things I miss are the Nogawa river, the town of Kichijoji, Ghibli Museum, my alma mater ICU, its nearby ramen place Gûtara, and my favorite café ji:ta.

My favorite things

I especially enjoy watching movies/TV shows featuring food in some way or another (here are some of my favorite foovies).

I also like to play French horn - recently, I have been playing with the local youth band of Senderos.