Name: Mason Reed

Login ID: 1432170

Prog/Lab Details: Allow for texture mapping of SOR's

Date: 10/323/16

Use left clicks to add segments to a polyline and a right click to terminate it.

Click an SOR to select it.

Drag it with the left mouse to translate, use mousewheel to scale.

To change shading on only one SOR, select the desired SOR, otherwise do not select any and all SORs in the scene will change their shading.

Similarly, normals will be drawn on all SORs if none are selected.

To save an SOR, select the SOR you wish to save, give it a name, and click save.

To draw new SOR, click the Draw New SOR button and create another polyline

To pan camera, make sure no SOR is selected and click and drag with the left mouse button.

To zoom in perspective mode, click with the left mouse and scroll wheel.

To move eye position in perspective, click with the mouse wheel button and scroll wheel.

To reset all camera modifications, click "Reset Camera Position" button.

To load a texture, simply select the file you wish to use, select the SOR you wish to texture, and click the "Texture SOR" button.