Matthew Cruz

A current University of California Santa Cruz student, looking for an oportunity to contribute to the blockchain community.

About Me

I discovered my interest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies when a friend of mine introduced me to talks given by a man named, Andreas Antonopoulos. Through his talks I began to understood the potential disruptive force that this technology has, and its impact on the world is just beginning.

Over the past months, I have been doing research on Bitcoin and other emerging blockchain technologies, and also doing a bit of trading on the way. I am currently invested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Icon, and VeChain; all of which I believe show great promise for the future.

This spring I will be graduating, so I hope to find a position in the blockchain community to both expand my knowledge of the field and contribute to something I find extremely fascinating.

Donate to my future

Bitcoin: 1ELgxd4x2TvqHFLbEroAKgwh4mdgp9WCo7

Litecoin: LanMBCysomKZtgQdy4c2RvKBKZCtbDok3N

Ethereum: 0x0eb7f4bfcc418cba7e724ca457974f92e72b7083

Doge: DARxMxM4rjBv9duAhfZHagN7FatFBzhxLg

Contact Me

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