The Taste of Hometown - Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Recipe

The taste from traditional Taiwanese night markets that you would never forget

Step-by-step Guideline

This is the popcorn chicken that I made in the beginning of the quarter for TSA. It is one of the most well-know Taiwanese street food. Click Here for more detail!


  1. Put garlics, ginger, green onion, and water into cooking blender and blend well.
  2. Cut chicken thigh into 1 inch x 1 inch pieces.
  3. Mix chicken with garlic/ginger/green onion sauce from the first step, corn starch, soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, egg, five spice power, and white pepper in a large bowl and cover it up. Marinate overnight.
  4. In the second day, mix marinated chicken with 5 table spoon of tapioca starch.
  5. Prepare a pan or wok. Heat large amount of cooking oil to 340 degree F (170 degree C).
  6. Place enough tapioca startch into a plate. Grab chicken piece by piece and coat every side of the chicken with tapioca starch.
  7. Deep fry the chicken for 3-4 minutes.
  8. Take the chicken out and drain excess oil.
  9. Reheat the cooking oil to 375 degree F (190 degree C) and refry the chicken for 1 minute.
  10. Place fresh baisl leaves into the wok along with chicken when there are 30 seconds left.
  11. Take the chicken out and drain excess oil.
  12. Spread pepper salt onto the chicken until salty enough (based on personal taste)

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