My name is Linfeng Wan and I am currently a first year graduate student in Planetary Science Group at the Univeristy of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). My recent research is mainly about radiative transfer of Pluto's atmosphere with Prof. Xi Zhang at UCSC.

I received both of my Master & Bachelor degrees in astrophysics from Nanjing University (NJU), China. During this period, I mainly focused on solar physics and once visited Caltech as a summer student researcher to study properties of Titan's upper atmosphere as well.

I was born in Wuxi, a beautiful small city in Jiangsu Province between Shanghai and Nanjing. I spent my wonderful childhood and juvenile time there before I went to Nanjing University to pursue my passion in Astronomy. I like travel and am good at designing international flight routes with mileages in recent years. Also, I like playing racquetball and tennis, which make me really relaxed.

You can know more about me through my CV here: Curriculum Vitae

Contact Info:
E-Mail: wanmson@gmail.com
Mail: A360, Earth & Marine Sci Bldg,
Dept of Earth & Planetary Sci,
1156 High St, Santa Cruz,
California 95064, USA
University of California Santa Cruz