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Personal Life

My name is Laura Valine, I'm 20 years old and originally from a beach town in central California. Gold is my favorite color, I'm a makeup fanatic, and a total caffeine addict. I've been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was a little less than 2 years old, and because of this I will probably tease you a little if you tell me about your fear of needles (sorry, but I just can't relate). I enjoy cooking, thrift shopping, and hanging out at the beach. I also spend a lot of my free time on Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, or Netflix, and occasionally I actually learn something useful in the process.

School Life

I'm currently a third year student majoring in Bioengineering with a concentration in biomolecular engineering and a minor in bioinformatics. I find bioengineering really fascinating, and it's exciting to be involved in a field with so much room left to grow. After I'm done with my undergraduate studies, I hope to go on to grad school to get my master's degree, and ideally I'd like to do research in industry. I have yet to get involved in any research labs on campus, although I hope to in the near future!

Major-Related Classes I've Taken So Far:

Classes I'm Currently Taking (Fall 2017):

  1. Biochemistry (BIOL 100)
  2. Computational Biology Tools (BME 110)
  3. Personal Computer Concepts (CMPE 3)

S.L.U.G. Life

If you spend much time in Cowell, Science Hill, near McHenry Library, or in Quarry Plaza, you may have seen me in my bright yellow shirt leading a group of prospective students around. I'm proud to be a Student Life and University Guide (read: tour guide) here on campus, even though the shirts aren't terribly glamorous. It's funny, in high school people would often describe me as "soft-spoken", and "shy", but now I have no problem pulling out my "tour guide voice" if it's noisy in the Quarry, and I feel absolutely comfortable speaking in front of 20-30 strangers for 90 minutes straight!

This page was made for an assignment in CMPE 3, Personal Computer Concepts. I decided to go a little further than the assignment required because I had prior CSS experience.

Thanks for stopping by!