A warm welcome to you. This here is a dedication to Autumn and its wonderous charm.

Making a pumpkin pie from scratch was not easy, however, twas a fun experience. It began with a journey to a pumpkin patch a few hours away from the place I call home. Followed by a trip to the local organic grocery store to aquire the rest of the secret and not so secret ingredients (The most important being love.... and lemon zest!). As with any baking process, it is a matter of following a recipe and constantly testing the flavours. All in all, the final treat was that of much comfort and joy.

Things about myself:

  1. I am a college student majoring in Mathematics and Economics
  2. I am also a musician and have composed a few pieces
  3. My favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter

The makings of a pumpkin pie from scratch sits below:

And the result of what turned out to be patient journey:

If you would like to share some of your personal Autumn pictures for me to post, email them to: Luis Ochoa

Also! Below are two links. One to my girlfriend's website where she goes on adventures with her friend Saofé The Traveling Sheep!

The second is to one of my favourite singers, Andrea Bocelli, singing Les Feuilles Mortes (The Autumn Leaves)