Meet Sumikko Gurashi aka Corner Things

Get acquainted with these shy and introverted little cuties from SAN-X


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Sumikko Gurashi is:

Sumikko Gurashi characters include, but not are limited to:
  1. Shirokuma or White Bear, a bear that ran away from the North Pole. He's fearful of strangers, but drinking warm tea in the corner calms him down.
  2. Penguin?, a penguin who's not sure if he's a penguin or not, hence the question mark that's part of his name.
  3. Tonkatsu or Fried Pork Cutlet, made out of 99% fried bread crumbs and 1% pork.
  4. Neko or Cat, a shy cat that's always facing the corner and sharpening his claws.
  5. Zassou or Weed, an optimistic grass who dreams of someday being part of a flower bouquet.
  6. Nisetsumuri or Deception Head, a slug who wears a shell in order to appear like a snail.

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