Antelope Valley High School Cheer Team

What AVHS Cheer Is All About

AVHS Cheer Team doing stunts at a Friday Night Football Game

What we do:AVHS Cheer is a cheerleading team that brings the best school spirit in the AV to Antelope Valley High School.We're all about bringing positive vibes, entertainment to the fans and the community, and recognition that cheerleading is a sport.
What does it take to be part of AVHS cheer?
  1. Have the best and the most school spirit!
  2. Be open to anything new and be able to socialize with the students,staff, and the community.
  3. You don't have to be athletic or cordinated you learn along the way.
  4. Overall, know how to have fun!
  5. Get more info on Antelope Valley High School and the clearance process before trying out.
  6. HI THERE!
Have any questions you can E-mail the CaptainLeslie de Dios